Our mission is to grow lasting relationships by cultivating an affordable customer experience for the whole family in a vintage barbershop.

CHOP Founders, Steve & Sarah Bolinder

Founded in May of 2015, CHOP is the result of a barber’s dream, hard work, and a partnership that made it a reality.  In 2005, Steve Bolinder, a barber who wanted to work in a hip, vintage barbershop with a fun, energetic music-filled atmosphere, married Sarah, an attorney with a passion for design.  In their early years of marriage, Steve and Sarah spent hours sketching concepts and collecting inspiration in a notebook as they continued to work and raise their three children.  After a health scare in 2013 changed Sarah’s perspective on life, she pushed to make this dream a reality.  They invested all of their savings, took a small loan out from family members, and worked side-by-side, 12 hours a day, to open their first store in May of 2015.  Their dream resonated with more people than they could even imagine–within six short months, lines were out the door, and within 18 months, they had opened three stores.  Today there are nine, and growing!

Our Core Values

We protect and support each other, the shop, and our customers.

We want ALL people to have access to a hip, laid-back barbershop experience.  We encourage diversity in our staff and clientele.

We love our staff like family and that love trickles down to our customers and the shops.

We offer a pub-like experience, including complimentary drinks, a central WiFi bar, hand-selected antiques to create a vintage look, and an eclectic soundtrack.

The name ‘CHOP’ represents a combination of words that we are passionate about: cool hair original people.  We believe the customers in our chairs and the barbers behind our chairs are unique individuals and we encourage customers and employees alike to “Be an Original.”  We are also passionate about hair–continuing to educate and grow in our profession to provide our customers with cool hair.